Pussy Treat

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Unmotivated and hopeless in her flute playing career, Adria Rae decided she was done with the stupid instrument. She picked up the instrument about 3 months prior and she just couldn’t get the hang of it. After another failed session, she’d figured there was another creative way to make use of it. So she picked it up and used it as a super long dildo. She gently moistened her pussy lips and she caressed it gently with the flutes long barrel. As she was stroking the flute on her pussy, her stepbrother walked in and it scared the fuck out of Adria! She immediately kicked him out the room and regretted ever doing that. Her stepbrother quietly walked into the room after a moment, and he spoke to Adria and consoled any worries she had. He was her stepbrother, maybe he could teach her a thing or two?

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